Scanhus is a reliable producer of prefabricated element homes.

Our Services

Planning & Architecture

Scanhus provide architectural services and technical support for our customers. We have architects working together with engineers and we create convenient and personalised space solutions for our customers.

Production & Construction

Scanhus  produce prefabricated element houses of timber frames according to client’s design and most of our production is custom made with respect to ideas by the client. Each house in our portfolio is a unique project.

Why Scanhus?

Certified Experience

Our quality management system guarantee that the timber frame houses will be produced according to project documentation and built to the highest level of quality.

Competitive Pricing

Our procedures and operations at the factory are highly optimized and organized. This way we can save our customers time and money.

Lifetime Guarantee

A house made of a good timber frame is expected to last up to a century because all elements are built in a controlled and dried moisture-free environment.

10 Years Experience

We have gathered together a team with many years experience in construction and production of timber frame houses to maintain high standards of design and construction. Our goal is to provide comfortable and energy saving buildings.